Steam Treatment

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Steam Treatment
Continuous Mesh Belt Steam Treatment Furnaces

high throughput rates and a high degree of quality consistency

Steam Treatment
  • Electrically heated (SCR)
  • Prior degreasing not required
  • Chimney incinerator to neutralize oil fumes & burn off hydrogen
  • Metal alloy muffle
  • Cooling in steam before rapid air cooling
  • Steam injection control
  • Control over direction of flow
  • Extended load table
  • Wide belt speed range to obtain soak time from 30 minutes to 6 hours.
  • Automatic tray return

Available in 3 sizes: 100 Kg/Hr (220 Lbs/Hr), 200 Kg/Hr (440 Lbs/Hr) and 300 Kg/Hr (660 Lbs/Hr)

Steam Treatment
Batch Type Pit Retort Furnace
Steam Treatment

Pit retort furnaces are designed for use at moderate pressure upto 600 mm WC and are heated by wire coils placed outside an alloy retort. Steam is superheated and recirculated. A heat exchanged condenses exhaust oil vapour & steam and a burn off is provided for oil mist and hydrogen. The system design ensures a high degree of temperature uniformity and the availability to load oily parts without pre-cleaning.

Fluidtherm Pit type steam treatment furnaces are equipped with a retort and a (sealed) lid that houses a powerful circulation fan

Designed to work at higher than normal pressure (typ. upto 600mm ( 24²) WG.) the furnace is equipped with an off gas condenser which periodically discharges condensed steam & oil and burns off hydrogen and oil vapour

This facility enables the charging of oily parts without pre-cleaning.

The high degree of temperature uniformity caused by intensive recirculation of steam (preheated within a coil) and thyristorised heating control ensures a high degree of quality consistency.


A combined steam treatment and nitriding process to obtain a uniform nitrided depth on porous parts.

Steam Treatment