A Company Designed to Build World-Class Furnaces

All production within a single campus ensures highest quality is maintained at all stages

Design & Simulation

Process & Product Prototyping

Control Systems

Software & Remote Maintenance

Machining, Forming & Fabrication

Refractory Installation

Piping & Cabling

Assembly & Pre-dispatch Testing

Fluidtherm Production Program

Batch and Continuous Furnaces & Ovens

+ Debinding

+ Sintering

+ High Temp Sintering

+ Press Sintering

+ Sinter Hardening

+ Sinter Brazing

Steam Treatment

+ Powder Annealing

+ Bimetal Bonding

+ Mesh Belt

+ Pusher

+ Walking Beam

+ Roller Hearth

+ Bell/ Elevator

+ Retort

+ Continuous Band


Copper based

Stainless Steel


Hard Metal & Diamond Tools

Heavy Metal

Ceramics & Composites

+ Continuous Conveyor

+ Overhead Conveyor

+ Continuous Rotary Barrel

+ Roller Hearth

+ Shaker Hearth

+ Fluidised Bed

+ Sealed Quench

+ Pusher

+ Hardening & Tempering

+ Carburising & Carbonitriding

+ Nitriding & Nitrocarburising

+ Austempering (Bainite Hardening)

+ Annealing & Normalizing

+ Solutionising

+ Ageing

+ Post Oxidation

+ Drying & Calcination of Ceramic Honeycombs

+ Fluidised Bed Powder Coating of Printer Barrels

+ Rapid Exfoliation of Vermiculates

+ Fabric Carbonisation

+ Selective Reduction of Ilmenite

+ Exfoliation of Graphite

+ Graphene Conversion 

+ Graphitisation of Sulfonated Polystyrene

+ & several more


Fluidtherm manufactures continuous furnaces for high quality fluxless brazing.

+ Copper Brazing of Carbon & Stainless Steel

+ Brass Brazing

+ Silver Brazing

+ Braze Hardening


+ Curing   

+ Drying    

+ Calcining    

+ Baking    

+ Drying


"Fluidtherm Technology is our preferred supplier for mesh belt sintering, sinter hardening and pusher furnaces since 2014. We are happy with the stable performance of their furnaces and the quality of parts produced in these furnaces. We find their instant service quite excellent. In the future we will continue to purchase from them. We will recommend them without hesitation."

Byung-Kon Park, President, Daekwang Sinter Metal, South Korea




Fluidtherm furnaces are installed in over 15 countries across the globe including Germany, China, Korea, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Peru, Turkey, India, and USA.