Powder Annealing

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Powder Annealing
Continuous Band (Endless Steel Strip) Furnaces

TMax 1100°C (2012°F)

Powder Annealing

The Continuous band furnace is built like a wire mesh belt sintering furnace with heating within a muffle & indirect water jacketed cooling, except that in place of the wire mesh belt, an endless strip (band) of stainless steel is used.

A flat layer of powder is fed on the band direct from a hopper. Devices are provided for easy breakage of the sintered cake, prevention of power adhesion to the band (Strip) and re-oxidation at the exist end.

The length of the cooling section can be significantly reduced by adding a VRC rapid cooling module that cools the sintered cake by re-circulation, cooling and impingement of the furnace atmosphere on the cake as it travels down the cooling section.

The band travels within a muffle, either ceramic or metal alloy.

The band is driven by pinch rollers and steered by a pneumatics system.