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Continuous Hardening Plant For Tiny Parts


Fasteners for mobile phones,
PCs & business machines

Needle Rollers
Links for timing belt chains
Half collets & retainers
Textile rings

The Mix Up Problem

Occurs at all in transfer points
  • Pre wash to Austenitising Furnace

  • Furnace to Quench tank

  • Quench tank to Post wash

  • Post wash to Temper

  • Solution

    Components should not "see" any moving parts during transfer
    The design of the receiving equipment should prohibit retention

    Prewash Cum Charging System

    Metering combined with prewash
    picture12 picture13

    Quench Tank

    picture14 picture15

    Post Wash System

    picture16 picture17

    Component movement in prewash cum metering machine

    1) Empty tanks
    • Prewash cum metering
    • Quench
    • Postwash
    • Agitators & jet spray nozzles removed for better viewing

    2) A batch of Needle Rollers are dumped into the tank, normally filled with relevant liquid. Capacity adjusted by varying the conveyor speed.

    3) No stragglers!!
    Zero retention & part mix up.

    Austenitising Furnace


    Mesh Best Furnace


    Finer weave belt


    Austenitising Furnace


    Rotary Retort Furnace