Wire Mesh/Cast Lik Belt Conveyor Lines

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Continuous conveyor hardening tempe

Consistency of quality is better obtained when components are continuously quenched, a few pieces at a time instead of in a batch at periodic intervals. Of the total tonnage of heat treated components the majority do not require fixturing and can tumble into a quench tank. The ideal plant for all such components in terms of quality, capital cost as well as operating cost is a continuous conveyorised heating and quenching system. Components spend less time at temperature and consume less energy compared to batch furnaces. Continuous quenching, a few components at a time, ensures a high degree of quality consistency in terms of hardness, case depth and physical properties. Such plants with conveyorised auxiliary equipment for loading, washing and tempering are normally fully automated.

Continuous conveyor hardening tempe
  • Neutral Hardening & Tempering
  • Carbonitriding
  • Shallow Case Carburising
  • Austempering
  • Carbon Restoration & Hardening

Hardening & Tempering Furnaces for Mas Produced Parts 50 – 1000 KG / HR

Continuous conveyor hardening tempe
  • Eliminates expensive to operate mesh belt furnaces
  • 30% to 60% less energy consumption- no belt, no heat lost to belt!
  • Several lakhs / year saved - no more mesh belt purchases!
  • Great quality consistency CPK ≥ 3.0
  • Can handle a wide range of parts - 60% of all parts that mesh belt furnaces can
  • Simultaneous processing of different parts in twin tube (CTTF) furnaces, ideal for wide variety/small lot production
  • Total above ground installation, no pits
  • Visible, accessible, easy & low cost maintenance
  • Zero part mix up (in the maglift version)
  • Continuous ejection of scale, metal dust and burrs from the quenchant

Gentle material transport through one or two low rpm rotating alloy tubes with internal flights in the hardening furnace and the same or mesh belt in the tempering furnace



High intensity jet spray, dunk & spray, steam wash, ultra-sonic, vapour degreasing, in-line centrifuge, continuous dirt filtration, oil separation & recovery, salt recovery, waste heat utilization & in-line drying.

Austenitising, Case Hardening:

Gas tight furnace shell, microporous insulation, alloy transport tubes, radiant tube heaters, Thyristorised temperature control, gas fired recuperative radiant tubes, multi atmosphere capability, internal & external endogas generator, methanol dissociator & ammonia cracker.


Oil, hot oil or polymer, clog resistant cascade curtain, agitation, continuous dirt & burr removal, air/water heat exchangers, air knife, electric heaters or tube firing burners.


Jet impingement heating, very high temperature uniformity during heating & soaking, rapid heat up feature, nitrogen atmosphere capability, steam tempering facility

Central Plant Control:

Advanced SCADA control system for plant Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, production management, maintenance scheduling and data presentation in several formats. This user friendly facility can be viewed and supported through the internet.


Chiller tank (for ASI 52100 steel parts), post temper blackening tank and other customized features.