Furnaces for Teaching and R&D

Mesh Belt Furnaces
Tmax 1150°C (2102°F)

Furnaces with water jacketed coolers for heating & cooling continuously in protective or reactive atmosphere.

Pusher Type Furnaces
Tmax 1700°C (3092°F)

With water jacketed indirect cooling in protective/reactive atmosphere.


A pusher type furnace upto 1350°C (2462°F), where cooling in protective atmosphere is obtained at one end of the furnace and sealed quenching at the other end.

Multi atmosphere capability.

Fluidised Bed Furnaces
an investment in versatility Tmax 1160°C (2120°F)

Temperature uniformity of ± 3°C (5°F). Capable of all heat treatment processes, batch sintering, calcination, reduction, oxidation and coatings (with auxiliary equipment). Performs thermocouple calibration as well.
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