Walking Beam Furnaces

compact high throughput furnaces with low operating costs

Process Capabilities Tmax 1450°C (2642°F)
  • Sintering of ferrous, non-ferrous, ceramic, hard metal, MIM and stainless steel parts
  • Powder annealing

Walking beam furnaces are compact plants capable of high throughput. This is achieved by the ability to stack several layers of parts one over the other which results in a sharp reduction of the thermal mass. Atmosphere gas locks at both ends and between the debinding and sintering sections improves the furnace gas quality and helps in reducing the gas consumption significantly compared to open ended furnaces. Trays are carried on raised alumina blocks that ensure a high degree of temperature uniformity across the hot zone cross section. These furnaces primarily work with N2, H2, and N2 + H2 atmospheres (with or without humidification) or in air.

Equipment Features
  • NiCr, SiC, MoSi2 or Moly
  • Automated loading & unloading
  • Tray return conveyor system
  • Smooth & soft tray handling
  • Precision machined walking beam mechanism
  • Heavy duty mechanism for upto 2000 Kg/M2 (400 Lbs/ft2) hearth loading
  • Multiple gas injection ports
  • Multipoint gas sampling
  • Safety monitoring of pressure, gas and water flow
  • SCADA Control systems