Shaker Hearth Furnaces

Rugged Plants Designed for Continuous Operation under Harsh Conditions
Process Capabilities
  • Martenstic Hardening
  • Austempering(Bainitic Hardening)


Equipment Features & Options
  • Narrow tunnel entry vestibule for component preheating and reduction in gas consumption.
  • A thick alloy muffle that isolates atmosphere gas from the heaters and refractory and ensure integrity of process atmosphere.
  • Rugged hearth plate designed to handle a wide variety of components.
  • Autoloading and soft product handling systems designed to prevent component damage
  • Prewash and post quench wash with compact 3 stage (immersion, spray and dry) or single zone conveyor system with quench salt recovery.
  • Reuse of spent reactive atmosphere to preheat components & heating the wash medium.
  • Atmosphere circulation fans in high capacity furnaces.
  • Quenchant antisplash cascade in chute and jet agitation at strategic locations.
  • Conveyorised quench tank. Special tanks with track heaters for salt quenching.

Typical Components Processed
bearing parts, chain parts, fasteners, springs, circlips, needles, appliance parts, auto parts, lock parts, hard tools, shoe shanks Hardening & Tempering
circlips, spring washers, pen clips, auto clips, hair clips Austempering