Continuous Conveyor Furnaces with Indirect Atmosphere Cooling

a wide variety of designs and features of various applications
Process Capabilities
  • Sintering
  • Brazing
  • Annealing
  • Hardening (air hardenable steels)
  • Normalising
  • Coatings

High quality consistency is coupled with high productivity in wire mesh belt furnaces that heat and cool parts within protective or reducing atmospheres. Components are characterized by uniform properties and a bright surface finish. Several sizes and designs of furnaces are available, depending on the application, from tiny 50 mm (2 inch) wide belt table tops upto 1200 mm (48 inch) wide belt furnaces which are upto 60 meters (2400 inch) long..

Equipment Features
  • Electric or gas heated
  • With or without muffle
  • Direct or radiant tube heating
  • Endo, Exo, N2, H2, N2 + H2 or steam atmosphere
  • Alloy steel or ceramic muffles
  • Rapid gas quenching module
  • Generous zoning
  • Auto loading & unloading
  • Prewash option
  • Post processing oil dip option
  • Auto weigh in discharge
  • Atmosphere recirculation
  • Multipoint atmosphere injection
  • Atmosphere analyser & control
  • Waste heat recovery
  • PLC + HMI control with SCADA programming
  • Level II SCADA software control
  • Hump back or straight through
  • Special designs for tall parts
  • Atmosphere zoning
  • Muffle supported or roller supported belt

Typical Components Processed
  • Sintering of P/M parts
  • Fluxless brazing (Iron & SS parts)
    Heat exchangers
    Oil coolers
    Nozzle assemblies
    Pipe assemblies
    Tungsten contacts
    Electrical switchgear
  • Annealing
    Pressed parts
    Cold & warm forgings
    Cupro nickel coin blanks
    Soft magnetic materials
  • Hardening of steel parts
    Surgical parts
    Watch parts
  • Normalising of forgings